How a Website Design Can Negatively Affect the Business Profitability?


A website portrays a lot about a business. It’s the first impression of the vision and the message displayed by a company. So it is imperative that the website represents any business in the best way possible and gives users a good seamless user experience. Investing in a website is quite different in the technological world that we live in that gives away traditional ways to market products and services with the introduction of digital marketing strategies. So in establishing an online presence a lot of things need to be taken into consideration shedding light on web design as one of the important factors. An effective web designer should consider the following elements.



  • Unattractive Theme


Since a website gives a first and last impression to users that can make or break a relationship between the client and the brand. Unattractive web design can display it as unprofessional work to potential customers. Elements of a web page such as navigation that is essential especially when there are a lot of pages. A well-positioned navigation bar that shows a list of different web pages can make it look more attractive and provide a user-friendly experience to users. A website that gives effective navigation is developed well which allows the user to understand and explore the website with ease.    

  •  Poor Mobile Experience



Smartphones account for more than half of the web traffic making a heavy impact. Though people access websites from other devices mobile traffic has increased within years and is still growing. This makes it important for companies to invest in mobile designing by giving a responsive design that can adjust to any screen size, orientation and be able to work on multiple platforms. Without a good responsive design, there is a risk of losing out on potential customers as it may make the website annoying and difficult for users to navigate.

  •  Lack of Brand Awareness



A brand is what sets a company ahead of the competition, usually determined through logos or other graphical images. A business or company has a unique logo that needs to fit across all sources of communication channels to ensure brand awareness. Companies now adopt social media marketing skills to promote a brand. Meaning marketing through means of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and many other channels. Good website design is known for having visual attractive elements and graphics, being eye-catching and users visiting sites repetitively with low chances of bounce back rates.


  • Not Suitable for SEO


Best Website Design Company in UK provides SEO services to boost the rankings of websites by optimizing keywords and phrases suited to the needs of the business. SEO can benefit improved website design by adding relevant content that targets specific audiences, to make it easier to find information. By understanding customer preferences such as buying behavior, taste, color choices and a lot of factors can help SEO experts to provide compelling and engaging content to the user to build brand awareness and achieving higher conversion rates of visitors into leads. Content can help showcase a business as relevant by keeping up to date content.

  •  Lack of Engagement 



Content is more important when it comes to building brand awareness and recognition, companies aiming to convert visitors to customers. To ensure the engagement of an audience towards a website well-designed layouts having exceptional designs need to be made to attract more audiences with eye-catching content. The need for website design and development is crucial for the best website design company IN UK ensuring that content doesn’t remain stagnant, with fresh content posted in the form of blogs or articles and any other context giving a competitive advantage over other businesses.

  •  No Social Media Presence



In today’s changing time the demand to invest in social media marketing is increasing every passing day. Hence it is crucial for digital markets to add social medial button in business websites. Traditional techniques are still in existence but with a change in times and to stay in competition requires social media marketing that are cost-effective, productive and result oriented too.  However, the best website design company in UK makes sure to integrate social media by the expert team.


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