8 Educational Apps That Helps You to Learn Something Each Day

The concept of educational apps or then brain training apps were able to get accepted and came to limelight during the year 2014 that also after the studies from Stanford center became publically displayed. Apps such as Peak, Lumosity, Elevate and few others as well. It was also seen that apps developed with brain games to improve their cognitive/ reasoning abilities.

The study finalized by stating that mental health occurring at old age most certainly prevails as a long term effect in health which would mean that engaging in intellectual quick games in a concentrated period is benefiting rather than hazardous. While speaking with a rising clone app development company they informed of some tested apps that surely will embrace your brain with educational content such as inspiring ideas and new vocabularies.

 Here are the 8 amazing apps that educate you to learn something each day:


Blinkist is an outstanding app in terms of being educative as it comprises over a thousand summaries to influential nonfiction books. Available to the user at a price of $4.75 per month. It is also accessible on both android and iOS systems. Blinkist is also a commendable book discovery tool since with the help of the summaries you can avail a preview and only if intriguing you can dig deeper and go ahead to download the complete book.

Health IQ

Health IQ helps the user to test and figure out their health knowledge and it also teaches quite a lot along the way. Brainy apps are much better to engage in rather than using apps to track meals or even to count steps. Particularly the Health IQ app is much constrained towards health education by helping in making the user more conscious of what they consume and the need to exercise. Every question and answer available on this app are approved by health experts, doctors, dietitians, and even trainers.


TradeHero app is a stock exchange game. An app game that allows the user to practice and attain the knowledge on how to invest in a virtual atmosphere. The app is to provide free for both platforms of android and iOS. The quotes that are provided in the app are from approximately 22 exchanges around the globe including the NASDAQ and NYSE. As a user, you can follow TradeHero’s OR then choose from a stock alert.


Duolingo is a brainy game app that is available on all three systems which are android, iOS and even on window phones for free. The Duolingo app is a visual interactive medium for a user to learn the basis for any new foreign language. The app has proven to be an incredible aid as in Duolingo the use of speeches, pictures, easily understandable lessons, and even short writings. It is great to learn and get acquainted with phrases and vocabulary that are continuously introduced during the entire course for the user to be able to memorize it.


Velocity is an app that is incredible in terms to show what it is like to speed read. As it helps the users to read faster. The app is available on Android as well as iOS but the difference is that on Android is available for free while there is a cost of $3 on the iOS system. The key use of this app is for the users to be able to read long articles in the shortest time possible.

Elementary Minute

There are two names to this app by which it is popularly known as “Trivia Crack” or “Elementary Minute”. An app that is amazing to quickly boost your trivia knowledge. It is a simple game that presents provides you with a math equation, statement, or questions that are required to be answered with the options true/ false. The subjects of the questions could range from either Geography, Maths or even about famous people.


Udacity is an educational app that has helped many over the years since it is an easy way to learn how to code while on the move. A remarkable programming learning app. The intriguing part of indulging in the app is that they provide even quizzes in addition to even providing lectures. The app provides coding courses on CSS, HTML, Java, Python, and JavaScript amongst others as well. Udacity has advance and even intermediate courses for its users.


The app StarWalks is a simple but a very unique app in terms of its features such that by pointing the Android or iPhone smartphone/ tablet towards the sky it will help reveal which constellation, planet or satellites are visible or viewable. By even moving the device you will be able to see the graphics in the sky change in real-time all thanks to the integration with augmented reality.

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