Are You Looking For Inspiring Cake Ideas For Your Baby Shower?

The baby shower is an excellent way to celebrate the new addition in your life that is on its way. It is a day celebrated to welcome the soon-to-arrive new member of the family and bless the expecting mother with lots of happiness. Generally, a small celebration is done, and people offer gifts to the mother and await the new member of the family. Women are invited to the baby shower, where they have a small party having fun and give lovely gifts to the woman who is expecting the baby. If you are going to choose online cake delivery in UAE we have compiled the best baby shower cake ideas to excite you.

The term ‘baby shower‘ itself signifies that the mother of the baby is being showered with gifts. Like every celebration deserves a cake; likewise, a Baby Shower is also incomplete without a mouth-watering cake! So to satisfy the Mom-to-be and her guests, here are the coolest baby shower cake ideas that will inspire you.

10  Cake Ideas Perfect for A Baby Shower

Covered in Sprinkles

If your baby shower event is going to be a big party, then this cake is for you! This exceptional cake can be covered in rainbow sprinkles that look very festive. The inside part of the cake can be filled with colorful candies. The bright colors and the vibrant image would fill the room with energy. Your guests are going to have an eventful time.

Gender Revealing Cake

Gender reveal cakes are trending strong. Where the candy-filled center is an ongoing trend, now there is a shift towards cakes iced with classic white buttercream, cut to expose those hidden pastel layers. Secret tip: Rather than simply coloring the layers, try to add a burst of Raspberry or Lime.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

This creamy frosted cake has yellow stars tumbling onto the bottom tiers while the baby is sleeping by a crescent moon. The baby is protected by a little pink rabbit and a stout elephant. The lovely words “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” appears as the message on this creamy cake idea.

A Rustic Cake

If you want to go with the latest trends, then rustic cakes are the perfect option for you. When most of the parents are opting for the icing, it is better if you think different and go for this cake with little to no icing at all. You can also leave some of the cake still bared and spread a thin layer of icing on the cake. It will create a fantastic artistic look, which also tastes great. You can add some greenery around the cake as well and use it as a cake topper too. The cake topping could be a banner that spells out the name of the Mommy to be. This cake is a perfect idea for a baby shower that is being organized in a garden.

Vanilla Cake With Ombre Macaroons

The continuous blending of one shade to another is called Ombre, which could make a terrific baby shower layer cake. For an impressive layer cake, the best idea is to prefer a pink-berry color to create a show-stopping cake. Then again, you can pick any color combination you like from vibrant rainbow stripes to cool pastels. Every layer of the cake could have different colors for a multilayered effect. To add more fun to the cake, you can add some macaroons. You can also adorn the cake with rainbow sprinkles to enhance its look further.

Woodland Themed Cake

Have you ever thought of tiny baby shoes that too made of fondant! Yes, you read it right! Nothing is cuter than the idea of tiny baby shoes layered over the all brown woodland like appearing cake base. And the key to such realistic work boots is to layer the sole three times.

White on White Cake

This is the perfect go-to style for a mum-to-be who is waiting until the big day to catch her baby’s gender. From elementary and understated to intricate and embroidered, white on white cake will advance in popularity in the years ahead, and everyone can find why – they’re beautiful!

Little Man Baby Shower Cake

This mustache themed baby shower cake is the perfect choice for a little man-to-be. In US culture, unlike India, it common to know about the baby gender in advance. Make your presence felt with such a thoughtful theme and send cake to UAE for your friend or sister living there. This Little Man cake topper will add a remarkable touch to their special celebration. Those mustaches and bowties will make a perfect token of love from your side with the “little man”- themed boy shower cake.

Spring Pastel Confetti Cake

If you are planning to throw a baby shower in the spring season, then a Spring Pastel Confetti Cake is the perfect option. As Spring is the season of colors, this cake will be having six colorful layers with a whole lot of confetti sprinkles. It would make a stunning centerpiece at your baby shower. Additionally, your guests are not going to forget the color pop the cake offers. The core of the cake is even brighter with the detailed rainbow surprise.

Cute Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Celebrate your new baby arrival with the sweetest shower theme- Elephants! This majestic animal has motivated decor ideas for both boy and girl showers. To keep this animal looking cute, just make sure to ask your baker to mold the head and trunk from one piece of fondant.

Are you feeling inspired? It is time to work planning for the perfect party. Let these baby shower cakes help you decide on the theme of the celebration. Keep it calm and whimsical to bring out the kid in everyone. After all, it is the celebration of a new life being born!

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