How To Turn Traffic Into Leads On E-commerce Platform

Are you ready for the news? Please be attentive because you might get shocked. We heard that you are a business person who just has initiated the business on an E-commerce platform. Is that so? If yes, then be prepared to hear this sad news – your years of business experience will not be helping you out here. Yes! You heard it right. It doesn’t matter how many experts you are, if you do not have skills of promoting your business on social platforms then it’s completely useless. Mind that marketing and digital marketing are two different things. Oh, I knew you have merged these identical terms.

Anyways, just take a chill pill! It’s still not too late. If you are not aware of the dos and don’ts of the E-commerce platform then don’t worry. I can help you in this. But wait, before we get in to the details it’s important to make your concepts clear.

Do you know exactly what is this traffic lead refers to? Oh, I know you are confused. It’s ok! Let me pattern the connecting loops for you. The traffic of the site refers the engagement of your customers. The more your audience will engage on your site, the more quickly you will acquire the leads on E-commerce platform. And oh, we all know what increased site traffic leads to. Of course, maximum sales!


 1.Limited-time offerings

For this, you need to understand the insight of customers. Do you know what is that one thing about which your customers freak? Missing out sale or discounted offerings! Yes, your customers have this worst nightmare of not seizing the opportunity to avail of the best discount in town. So, why not to play with this strategy?

Let’s suppose you own a brand of men’s leather jacket. How you are going to convince your customers to spend maximum time on your site? Just put the most top rated jacket on sale. Simple!

Well, just be careful with your offering, take this brownie tip and set your prices according to the techniques of price cutting strategy and get ready to enjoy your sales and as well as traffic leads.


2.Use SEO tool

This is the must-to-have tool. I am sure that many of you didn’t even know about it. Well, you must be surprised to know that more than half of the internet leading businesses use this tool and for the majority, this single tool is working as a supporting element.

But wait, still, a secret formula is left to share with you all. In SEO there is one specific thing on which you need to have strong commands. Guess what it is? The keywords! Yes, yes. If you succeed to catch your audience with the support of keywords then, congratulations! Because you have are almost about to hit victory.

Besides the searching of keywords, using the collected words accurately is necessary too. So, make sure that your content writer makes a smart use of the provided words.


3. Sound interesting, look catchy

Now comes another best yet valuable technique. If you aim to grab the attention of audience in one go, then you have to sound interesting and look even catchier. I know you all would be thinking that how one can create a catchy look and sound, in business. Well, well this is why we call digital marketing the game of trick.

Relax! I am here to help you. To make your site appealing for you audience you need to have a user-friendly design and as well as, convenient placement of products and information. In short, the alignment matters.

First, hire an expert site designer or whether use professional templates to build your site. This way you can sound and also create a catchy look of your platform. Once you are successful to inspire your audience, get ready to hit green tick mark on your goal.


4.Create your email list now

If you think that the trend of email marketing is outdated then yes, you are absolutely wrong. Email marketing is still considered the best technique to generate leads on your online platforms. No matter how much your audience try to hide, but the fact couldn’t be denied that people still enjoy receiving emails from their brands. You know what? It’s a game of psychology.

To get this email thing start, you can even take help from different apps and channels which support this strategy of marketing. This way you can get more advanced techniques of integrating such marketing.

Last but not least, make sure that you have created a separate business. Many businesspersons do this mistake of sending emails from personal accounts. Please don’t do this, it can break your image and make your message look like a scam.


5. Give and take

How about giving something to your customers while taking their time? Isn’t this sound wonderful? You can simply plat this game. It’s all about- invest little and get more. Wait; let me tell you how you should do it.

Let’s run a campaign. But, the condition is to give your customer something, in return. Just ask your customers to sign in your account to win the guidebook of famous scholar or it could be any productive thing. This not only helps in generating leads but also assist in acquiring the trust of your audience.

It’s just like a double, double win! You may need to invest a few bucks for this, but this little investment can turn into major leads, in the future. And oh, who doesn’t like enjoying the fruit of profit. At least, no businessperson can deny this.

Let’s start from today

So, now you got the picture? I am sure you have understood how this world of digital marketing and traditional marketing differs. To take leads on digital platforms, you need to little smart along being wise and strategic. By the way, just like its tricky methods, its profit is also unique and as well as huge.

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Lisa Resnick is the biggest name of the business industry. She has pursued a career, specifically in the field of marketing and is now serving as a marketing strategist for one of the reputed brands named, customizejackets. Apart from this she also assists newbie with motivational speeches and worthy guides.

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