Work-at-Home: 4 Profitable Business Ideas to Get You Started

The laptop economy is getting bigger and bigger. Who can say no to earning a living in their cozy pajamas? But, it takes a lot of effort and courage to attain that level of freedom.

Before you say goodbye to commuting, office politics, annoying coworkers’ birthdays, and showers (please don’t go that far), you’ll need an online business idea and a carefully devised plan. Here are a couple of them to get the ball rolling. The rest is up to you.


Dropshipping has become a huge business. It’s made eCommerce a whole lot easier. You no longer need an inventory to start selling. Thanks to websites like AliExpress, Oberlo, and Shopify, it’s easy to set up an online store. Amazon, Wayfair, Sears, and Zappos are just some of the large brands that started with dropshipping.

So, how exactly does it work? A person buys an item from a third-party seller from you. You sell the third-party seller’s items to your customers. You don’t have any contact with the product, the third-party seller takes care of the shipping.

Your job is to run your website, manage your online store, provide customer service, handle the sales, and provide photos of the items. No inventory, no storage problems. However, it still not a carefree job.

You have to be careful when choosing a third-party seller. You must make sure they are a legit company. Handling returns and customer support is on you. If you go down this road, do your best to weed out the scammers.

Website Creation

Platforms like SquareSpace and WordPress allow you to easily set up a website, proved that you are a bit tech-savvy. You can use these platforms without having to learn how to code.

But, if it is so simple, why don’t most businesses set up their websites on their own? Mostly, it’s because they lack the time to learn and do so. Nevertheless, those businesses still need a website. It’s an effective way to validate a brand.

Create a couple of sites yourself, do one for a friend pro bono, and, once you are confident in your skills, start selling them. Once you earn a couple of happy customers, you can count on their references for future work.

And, once you establish a good relationship with a client, you can offer other services. For instance, if you acquire the right skills, you can offer to take care of their SEO optimization, or run their social media campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Many people run a blog as a hobby. It’s fun, and getting one running doesn’t require too much effort. But, if you are a particularly good blogger, you can monetize your blog.

Do keep in mind, you can’t just expect it to start bringing in tons of money all of a sudden. First, you must create and post content consistently.

The content must be entertaining, informative, or educational. In other words, it needs to captivate visitors. When there’s enough traffic, you can start earning money through Google AdSense.

Join an Affiliate Program

If you already have a vlog, blog, or another type of website you are passionate about, you can become an affiliate partner. In fact, many people set up their own platform for the sole purpose of becoming affiliates. Why?

It can be very lucrative! It all revolves around directing traffic through affiliate links to your partner’s website where they can make a purchase. If they purchase a product or service through a link on your website, you get a percentage of the sale.

Your visitor doesn’t even have to spend money in order for you to earn money. For instance, if you are a poker aficionado that likes to write poker room reviews on your website, you can join a casino affiliate program and partner up with a platform that offers free bankroll to your visitors.

Regardless of your niche, in most cases, you can partner up with multiple partners. That allows you to write honest opinions about your partners’ products and services and let your users decide which one to choose.

It’s a win-win situation for you and your users. Some other profitable niches you can try out include, pets, dating, self-improvement, fitness and weight loss, and gadgets and technology.

However, you can’t start recommending products or services just to make a quick buck. Aside from being unethical, visitors and partners will see through that and your earnings will be slim. By writing quality content, you’ll be making it easier for your users to reach an informed decision. A good reputation will result in more traffic and more revenue.


No matter what option you go for, you need passion and enthusiasm. The right attitude will allow you to acquire the right skills for your new laptop lifestyle. Choose your home-based job carefully.

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