Use This Technique & Clients Will Come Running to You!

Many agencies, marketers, freelancers.etc try really hard to promote themselves but always get stuck at this question.. “How to get Clients”

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Use this Technique & Clients will Come Running To You! ?

Many agencies, marketers, freelancers. etc try really hard to promote themselves but always get stuck at this question “How to get Clients” ?… The most difficult part they face in gearing up their business is getting clients.

It is said to be the toughest part when someone has a dream of becoming a real hero of his/her own business. But again the question comes, How?

Now, you don’t have to ask that question anymore, as I’ll share with you a really simple yet super effective technique to get clients easily!

Do you want to know the Secret? ?

The one-line short answer is Provide Value. ?

Yes, you heard it right, I am not kidding at all…

Let me make you understand this through my personal experience.

I’ve put my best foot forward in providing value in this group. I shared great content daily, taught some of my good strategies for FREE…

Slowly, people started noticing me and then out of 10 people who messaged me, 3 people wanted to HIRE ME.

That’s right! ?

I didn’t advertise any service of mine, Heck, I don’t even have a working website of mine ( under maintenance now)

Still, so many people believed in me and tried hiring me…

That is the power of VALUE. ?

If you provide VALUE, people will TRUST YOU!

Garyvee tells it right, JAB JAB JAB, RIGHT HOOK.?

Well, I didn’t even do the hook part 😛

So go ahead:

1) Join your niche related FB groups(If you use this technique, it will help you find your target audiance):

Facebook Group

Yes, it is that simple. There are thousands of groups on different topics on facebook and on other social media.

First, make a clear picture in your mind and decide which group will be the best for you to share your thoughts, opinions, views that will help people to gain value from it.

This will also help you to gain value and learn different things related to your niche from them that you are not aware about… People in the group will also start knowing you gradually and soon you will have a good identity that will help you gain clients.

2) Provide value in your social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter…etc:

Social Media

Providing value and making it reach to as many audiences as possible is very important. Nowadays, every single person says it a businessman, worker, housewife, etc. everyone has social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, etc.

It is a very important aspect for you to provide value in your social media accounts, as that can reach to your followers, friends, family, relatives and if they really find it helpful they will share it further. So you never know that your one practice can help so many and can provide value to them.

3) Provide value in the groups and genuinely help people..use this technique, it work wonders:

Provide value

“We should give people and should not ever expect anything in return” Always remember this line when you are helping someone or providing value to them. The main objective of you sharing on the groups and providing value to them should be only for helping them genuinely.

If you are genuine in doing so, you will unexpectedly get good deeds in returns, trust me on that. You never know that who is getting impressed by your work and offer you there project, now this will a real unexpected surprise for you.

4) Try to engage people in the group by asking questions or puzzle:


We always feel better as a human when someone notices our problem and asks about it give us a solution, we actually feel at that moment that someone genuinely cares. Same is with the people on the group.

Say if you have joined a group of your niche, and you know that what are the issues in there business they are facing. You can simply post questions about any of the problem that the majority will be facing and try to engage them in a conversation by providing them a solution, asking them in detail about the issue, etc.

For example, Are you tired of handling clients tantrums, and need a solution for it? I am 100% sure you will get many replies on this and then you can engage them. From this, you will create a good impression and can also earn a chance of getting clients from it.

5) Keep your current client happy and make them feel that they are valued:

Happy Client

It is very important that you keep your current clients happy and make them feel that they are valued and are also given value in work, if you are doing best for them then there are chances that you are attracting the people(Potential clients) in there contact as they will also love to get this kind of work and you will earn genuine clients.

Also, there are chances that your clients may refer to your name and about your work to the people they know and need this kind of work.

Providing value is a term thrown around a lot in business. When you are adding value, you should be giving the people, clients and your prospect something that is not expected by them and it should amaze them. It should be unique, amazing, unexpected and most important is Valuable.

Do this diligently and you’ll never have any shortage of clients!

We at Webzoly are working hard to give best of what we have, hope the use of this technique will definitely help you and you will gain success!

If you have any specialized techniques with you, don’t forget to share it in the comment section below.


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Written by Disha Shukla


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