Ultimate Tips on How to Make Money Online at Home

I declare that my business is 100% online. In fact, I always have a laptop with me. When you build the right kind of business on the Internet, you get financial freedom and, most importantly, the most valuable capital – the time most people only dream of, especially when you have a job that you despise.

In my opinion, the ideal work situation is to have a corporate website that makes money without the need for a minimum of maintenance or service, so you can travel in a fun and useful way and do other things.

This has not always been the case for me, I am talking about my working life and my business, it has taken a lot of time to gather the necessary ingredients to live up to my current lifestyle …

How did I start?

I went online in 1998 as a student. I spent a few years focusing on learning, and in my free time, I played on the internet when it was a new world (Internet). It was the time of the first online chats, the so-called chats, message boards, newsgroups and the beginning of the dotcom boom. I was so interested in the world of the internet that I wanted to create my own website. At that time, I was playing the card game Magic: The Gathering (like poker, but with dragons, elves, goblins, etc.). I was a competitive player, which means that I participated in tournaments and took the game very seriously. The first page I created was dedicated to this card game. It grew slowly, first I wrote articles on maps and then other players helped me. In the end, I added an exchange forum where users can buy or sell tickets. This strategy immediately increased my traffic and encouraged users to visit my website every day. Despite the fact that my website was not huge, at best I had daily traffic of 500 people and started making money. I sold banner ads to sponsors, mostly card games, for $ 50 a month to place their banner on my website. Some even paid $ 100 for advertising in the newsletter, which I sent to all forum members. In the early 2000s, my site earned between $ 500 and $ 1,000 a month. I consider this page as my first success story on the internet. It was not a startling income to be satisfied, but it enabled me to live well as a university student.

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