Most Effective Tactics to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

A site is the face of every business, it may be product or service based on which will work 24*7 to serve the customers by providing the quality content, for providing solutions to queries and for making sales.

If any site wants to be in the market the most important thing is traffic because without website traffic it is not useful for anyone whether it may be for business or a visitor.

Having a powerful content is not enough for a website. It should reach more targeted customers rather than regular visitors. You need to think about how you can convert traffic. There is a quotation “Today It’s not about got the traffic-it’s about getting the targeted and relevant traffic”- Adam Audette.

There are many ways to generate traffic for a website like SEO (Search engine optimization). Many of us are in a dilemma that only SEO can generate maximum traffic but that is not true. There are many other ways that we are going to discuss in this article.

After you finish reading this article, you will get a clear perspective of various methods to generate traffic for a website.

1. On-page SEO:

The most important for any website traffic is SEO. It is a crucial part of every website because there are millions of websites in the world to stand among us, so we need to optimize the content or site. On-page SEO keeps your site at the top of the search engine results page.

SEO helps in getting a better rank in all search engines, also boosts the organic website traffic. You can optimize each page by using various optimization methods like Meta description; optimize content, URL, and Fresh content.

If you are not aware of the complete On-Page SEO Guide, you can read our latest guide complete on-page SEO for beginners.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords:

Many are intended to use short keywords for website content/Titles of the articles. As many are interested in short keywords, it will affect your site ranking in the search engines as sometimes it may not list in the first page of search engine results.

Keywords should be at least more than three words. If you opt for long-tail keywords, you can get positive and immediate results in search engines by which you can increase the rank and traffic to your website.

Long-tail keywords will have lesser competition when compared to short keywords by which you can increase conversation rate and also can decrease the search volume results. With the use of LTK (Long Tail keywords), there are chances of getting more organic traffic from visitors.

3. Social media:

The next important factor which can bring traffic to a website is Social media. You can reach to more people by publishing the content on social media.

According to the statistics given by, there are 2.62 Million social media users in the world as of 2018. In the below image you can see the details social media users from (2010-2021).

With the statistics, you can imagine how much traffic you can generate by using social media whether it may be paid or organic.

Social media mainly includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram but many companies will not focus on social media as they might think that it may not fetch visitors or customers to the site. According to the statistics from, Facebook has 2.27 Billion users as of 2018, Instagram has 1000 Million users as of June 2018, and Twitter has 259 Million users as of 2018.

If you post the same content repeatedly, there is a chance that the customer may think it is spam content. To overcome this problem, you can express the same content in different ways. Social media provides the flexibility to reach the target audience by selecting the priorities according to your site niche.

If you are going for paid marketing to reach more people, you can best utilize your funds with minimum investment ($ 0.55), the maximum amount is not having any limits.

4. Hashtags for social media:

It is another way to get more traffic to a website, without hashtags it will reach to less number of people rather than using them.

Hashtags play a major role because social media runs on it. It is a metadata tag used mainly in social networks.

Not only hashtags will help you to reach more people, it reaches to people who are looking for specific content.

5. With the use of landing pages:

Another way to get traffic for your website is by using landing pages. Landing pages will help you to market your product or service of a company. It is specially designed for one specific purpose, it may be to sell a product/Ebook, to redeem discounts by customers, or free manuals.

A landing page will ask basic info of the visitors, to provide the service by which you can access free ebooks, manuals, etc. It is another source to get traffic to a website.

6. Guest blog:

It is another way to get traffic for a website. The guest blog will help in both ways for the guest blogger as well as for the website. You can post your content on other bloggers who are working on the same niche or who are working in the related field, with this you can bring visitors to your site from other websites.

The next thing is a guest post on your website by which the author will promote himself in his networks through which you can get visitors for your website. Make sure that the guest post is related to your niche rather than diverting from the main motto of your company.

With the guest blog post, you will get unique visitors through organic traffic. If you want you can go for paid marketing also which will help you to reach maximum people interested in your niche.

Also, you should take care while an author publishes an article on your site that the content is plagiarism-free and not spam. The guest post will increase the reputation as well as the traffic for your site.

7. Get listed:

We are adapted to use directories whether it may be local or national. Make sure that your company or startup is listed in all online directories so that people can easily find out your company.

The listing will help the visitors or customers to get in detail of your company and the services provided by you.

It will also help you to generate traffic to your site.

8. Online advertisement:

The word ‘Advertisement’ is not new in the market. It is been used for centuries to reach the customers. In olden days we are opted to go for offline advertising such as (Business Cards, brochures, flyers, billboards, and print advertisements) but in recent times it shifted to online.

For every business, it may be small-scale/medium-scale/ large-scale industry advertisement is mandatory. Every year billions are spent on advertising by companies according to the report by

You can do online advertisement by using various methods like social media, paid search, display advertising, PPC (Pay per click), and affiliate marketing.

It will help in creating a brand image of your website to people. This method will attract visitors to visit your website.

You need to analyze your competitor online advertisement methods so that you can benefit from the analysis.

9. Responsiveness of your site:

Desktops and laptops are been used less when compared to mobile phones because of its portable and user-friendly nature.

If a website is only accessible to a desktop than there is no use of having a website because most traffic we get is from mobile devices. You should design the website in such a way so that it is easy to use and also easy to navigate all pages of a site, whether it may be through a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

If your site is responsive, the visitor will stay on your site for a long time and there is a chance that the visitor can become your customer.

If your site is not responsive on all devices, you are indirectly telling your visitor to approach your competitor by which you can lose your customers and reputation also. If the site is responsive, then you can get traffic from organic or paid.

10. Faster site:

No one is interested in waiting for something to get or achieve. Every person in the world is habituated for faster results because of their busy lives.

If you want good traffic to your website, your site should load within seconds so that the visitor will stay with you otherwise he will move to another alternative.

According to the statistics, the website loading time should be less than 2 seconds. The reports reveal that if a website loading time is more than 3 seconds, 40% of the visitors will leave your site.

While designing or developing your site make sure all your content including text, images, and videos should be optimized, so that it will take less time to load a website.

11. Use video in your content:

A human brain can easily remember the visuals rather than the text. For a reader, the article with only content feels him bored so that there are chances that the visitor may leave the site. To make an article/blog more interesting, you need to add an image or video as it will show more impact on the visitors.

You can easily understand a concept with a video rather than just a text, so by keeping the video in the content it will attract more visitors to your article or a blog.

A simple example of why video content is powerful?

All of you know the Harry Potter novel series which is world best novel released its 7 books. Each book consists more than 100 pages, for a normal human being, it is difficult to read and understand the novel whereas if you watch a movie of it, then you can easily understand the novel of one series within 2-3 hours of time.

So, include videos in your content which will help to increase website traffic.

12. Write alluring headlines for blogs/articles:

It may be a newspaper, brochure or an online article, without reading headline no one will move in-depth of that particular article.

It has the power to attract visitors/readers to your blog, with which you can increase your website traffic. Make sure you write a headline that should be attractive to the readers.

If your headline is not alluring then users will stop reading your blogs. One major important thing you need to think before you finalize headline; make sure your headline should reflect your content.

Prepare more headlines and select the best choice among them. For example, take Neil Patel who is a digital marketer and online blogger. If you search on web related to digital marketing concepts or issues, the majority of times he will list in the top 3 to 5 positions with his catchy keywords.

13. Make your presence online:

Just publishing the content on various social media is not enough to drive traffic to a website. You should actively be present on social media and online groups to attract visitors. On average, each person is spending more than 3 to 4 hours a day on social media.

The first and foremost thing you need to join in the online groups and communities which are related to your niche, the next thing you need to do is to keep on answering the queries asked by group members as well as join the discussion which is related to your industry which can help your business.

If you keep on replaying, your profile is noticed by people and there are chances of getting more traffic. The traffic you get is organic, and they are unique users. The major aspect one should keep in mind while commenting on groups or communities is;

Don’t add link of your website in comments which will damage the reputation of your brand.

You just need the traffic to your website, but it should be productive.

14. Email marketing:

This is another way to attract more visitors to a website. But, many are not focusing on email marketing as it is a powerful tool more than any other traditional methods.

Sending regular emails to customers will bind with your website by which you can influence people to visit the site/blog. The information you provide via email should be fruitful for readers, it should be unique content, and also easy to understand.

You can use extra information with the help of links which can redirect to landing pages and blogs of your site. The precautions required to take is don’t split more emails to customers which will lead to unsubscribing from your site and they will mark you as spam.

Make sure to send the emails when you are launching a new product/service, discounts, and ebook. The subject line of the email should be clear and precise. Don’t neglect your old customers/visitors because they are the main pillars of your website growth. By following the above methods, you can get good traffic to the website.

15. Webinars:

Webinars are becoming a part of learner’s life as many people are showing interest in new concepts and methodologies. In these modern times, you can use social media effectively to campaign about webinars for creating traffic to a website.

Through email marketing or social media, you can promote your webinars which is coming up in a few days. It will remind the customers about webinars before one day or one hour so that there are chances of getting more traffic for the webinars as well for the website. The advantage with the webinars is if we miss the live session you can listen to the recorded session.

With the following above methods, you can generate traffic to your website.


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