How to Find The Perfect Keywords for Your Website?

Before you start writing content, you need to have two things in your mind:

1. What are the most relevant keywords that describe your website page?

2. How valuable these keywords are from the search engine point of view?

Definition of Keywords:

In simple words, keywords are the words which will give you a clear view of your topic/idea. It is also called search queries.

Keywords will define the whole concept of your content/webpage in a shorter format. It will play a crucial part in ranking and SEO of your site.

If the keywords as per the requirement (2-3%) it is easy for crawling of a site by which you can be at the top in search engine results page (SERP).

If you are not aware of how many keywords to place in an article then there is a simple formula to calculate keyword density

Keyword density = (No of keywords/total no of words)*100

Before picking up the keywords, you need to consider some of the below points which will help you in choosing the best keywords for your content/site/page.

1. Be a customer

2. Research & analyze your competitors

3. Long Tail Keyword.

4. Keyword research tool.

5. Study the results.

1. Be a customer:

The content writer/creator need to think from the customer’s point of view because the site/page/article you write is for the customer, not for yourself.

Let us say you want to buy a mobile and what keyword you will use to search for the mobile of your choice. Not only you ask your neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues based on that you need to prepare the keywords list to use for content. It helps you to be on the top of the SERP page and use according to the requirement.

2. Research & analyze your competitors:

There is a quotation about competition/competitors “Competition is both a blessing and a curse of life. Competition leads to human excellence and progress, as well as the legal bullying of the weak- Dr.T.P.Chia”.

Competitors show the pathway in which you should not go and what you can do by learning from their mistakes. Most people say competitors will teach a lot of things.

The same thing applies to the keywords; see the competitors who are in the same niche which you are working. Make the list of them according to the list, see what keywords are used to get the best ranking.

“As one size is not fit for all”; same the keywords used by the competitors will not fetch the same results for you also. Don’t neglect any competitors because you don’t know which site/company using the best keywords to rank higher in Google or other search engines.

After research, the next thing you need to do is analysis. The research data provides only data from which you need to take or utilize the exact information which is useful for you.

After analysis, you will need to prepare the keywords list, it will help you in building your website with best and suitable keywords, and to be at the top in the SERP page list.

3. Long-Tail Keywords:

The keywords can be short or long, it depends on your choice but the results may be according to the size. It will affect the search result accuracy of your site/page/content in SERP page.


You are the customer who wants to know how to create a website, so you use Google to assist. You have entered your search query “How to create a website” in the search engine; which will give you a lot of responses.

With the short keywords, less organic traffic generates for the site.

If you use the short keyword, the page/site will be in the bottom of the SERP page which may lead to the decrease of the website ranking.

Now let us take long keyword like “How to create a professional website using WordPress”; which will give you the exact result for the people who are looking for WordPress. It is the beauty of the Long Keyword.

The reason for Long keywords is;

1. Accurate results.

2. More organic traffic.

3. Competition is less for Long keywords.

4. Better rank for site/page.

5. You can briefly explain your site/product/service you are providing.

6. Lesser values of results.

Below you can see the volume of results for short keyword and long keyword.

Short keyword:

Long Keyword:

So better to use long keywords instead of short keywords because they give the exact result of your product or service you are offering to the market/customers. It will increase the site ranking as well as increases the visibility to the customers over the internet.

4. Keyword research tool:

If you have decided to build a website about a particular niche that you are good at, even though you are good at that subject you will not have an in-depth idea about keywords.

The main aim of keywords is to elevate your site to the external world to get benefited from it. The keywords help to improve the SEO and ranking of the website/page.

In the previous step, we listed the keywords which are suitable for your niche after research and analyzing the competitors.

To get the keywords for your niche, you have a lot of keyword tools to generate the keywords according to your requirement. These tools will help you in knowing the keyword volume results and trends in the market. It also helps in increasing the sales and traffic to the site/page.

As you are in the initial stage of the website, you are not having any previous history of keywords for reference to the news article/blog which is coming on the site/page.

As the above-said with the keyword tools, you can get the details about keyword competitors and similar keywords. In the market, there are various tools available for free as well as paid.

Now, take a look at the various best tools for keyword research which are free in the market.

1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner.

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that allows you to find the right keywords to target for display ads, search ads, video ads.

Google Keyword Planner tool is free and you can get it with your Google AdWords account if you don’t have it, you can signup here.

The main advantage of Keyword Planner is easy to use and you can easily pull information directly from world favorite search engine Google.

The backlink expert and founder of Backlinko Brian Dean has explained about google keyword planner in detail, you can read his article here.

2. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest helps you generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production. Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool which is used to find suitable keywords for your content.


Keyword Tool is a free online keyword research instrument that uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic.

Here are a few reasons why you need to use

  • The free version of the Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.
  • Unlike Keyword Planner or other tools, Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time.
  • You can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account.

5. Study the Results:

The game is not over yet. After selecting the keywords for your website, it’s time to study the results. Nowadays, there are lots of keywords been used. So, the more keywords you place within your content the more your target audience will find you.


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