Handling Client Tantrums Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Clients are the toughest people to be handled with a list of unending demands. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to handle their tantrums.

Handling client tantrums is a disaster as they are the toughest people to be handled with a list of unending demands. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to handle their tantrums.

They are hard to be handled- especially those who are never ever happy with your work, no matter how many versions of it you give them.

That is the point when we tend to lose our temper and end up doing things that will lead to loss of your contract with the client.

To avoid this, there are few things you could do to easily handle the client tantrums and take care of the situation.

We at Webzoly believe in giving our best learned experience, and hence presenting you some of the best ways for handling client tantrums.

Stay Calm:

stay calm

Whenever you feel that the client is overdoing the things that are difficult for you to handle and tolerate, the best you can do is stay calm.

When your client has a tantrum, he needs you to remain in control. If you lose your tantrum at that time, you may lose your client, in such a situation, stay calm and try to understand what your client needs and what is the reason he is creating such tantrums.

Just like a small child, your client also needs to be handled carefully. Staying calm at that moment will give you time to understand the situation and get a solution to it

Set the right expectations from the beginning:

right expectations

Note to all of the requirements carefully or ask questions if unclear before starting the project and ask them to give you in writing which helps you to review and share with your team.

This will help you solve half of your problems as now you know that what he wants and have written proof of the same.

Try Humor for this:


For a mild tantrum of your client, try handling the situation with humor. Just be careful that your client knows that you are not making fun of him.

Discuss the tantrum:


After your client has calmed down, talk about what made him so upset. Don’t dwell on the outburst, however. Instead, assure him of your care with a warm and detailed discussion to get a clear picture of the situation.

Don’t take your client’s behavior personally:

don't take personally

Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty or out of control because your client had a monetary breakdown. Though having a client always staying unhappy with your work, despite you giving your best can be hurtful.

In such a situation it is important to keep in mind that your client’s action is not so much directed at you as they are simply a show of his own frustration.

Avoid Emails in such a situation:

Avoid email

Yes, you read it correctly, call the client and try to understand what they need. Emails won’t work in this situation as they have another level of miscommunication and sometimes you end up doing more than required.

Having oral communication with your client will help you and with the question you ask him, will also make sure of the client’s needs and requirement and you will get a clear picture ahead.

Use Sarcasm:

use sarcasm

Some of us are very good at shooting sarcastic lines without hurting the person. Use your talent here. But make sure that you are not overdoing it, or else you will end screwing up the situation.

To avoid this, tone down your voice, especially when you are writing an email. There may be a situation where you feel that the client is overdoing it, then take a stand and support your work in the nicest manner saying things like-” why don’t you try this way and see?

If this doesn’t work out I can take responsibility for it. This will make things more easy for you and the client will also gain more confidence in your work as he can feel that you are also confident about it.

Don’t throw your tantrums at them:


I know it sounds unfair and it is, they always throw tantrums at you but do not do the same with them.

This not only makes it worse for you to face them late but also delays the work you do for them. It affects your creativity at the end of the day.

Don’t get your past bad experience in between your new current project:

bad experience

One project being a burden should not let you see the entire things that are upcoming with the client in the same manner. Give a fresh start.

The client needs more creativity and this is the only thing you should keep in mind for your new project with him.

Never ever let your old issues with the client ruin up the situation again and avoid this by keeping certain pointers in mind as to what the client requirement is like always.

Smile is the best medicine:


Always keep a smile on your face whenever such a situation arises, I am not saying that laugh like a crazy, but accept your flaws in front of your client with a smile.

I know that smiling in the situation when you actually feel like killing your client, but give it a try it always works. This will help you to calm down the client and later you can make him understand your point of view as well.

Clients are always a headache for us, but never let this headache control your life.

Remember, like we need clients, clients need us.

The only point to be noted is, they feel that we don’t give them the importance they need for what they pay you. And you could feel vice versa.

It is completely fine to face tantrums for them as they are the ones to give us new experiences always.

No matter how much they have pulled from you, how many days and nights they have bothered your call, it has all the more improved levels of efficiency and you have your clients to be thankful for that.

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