10 Best Funnel Mapping Tools to Map Out Your Sales Funnels

Funnel mapping is creating the flow diagram of the sales funnel or visually representing the sales funnel before it is going to develop. The flow diagram will give the exhaustive information on the sales process like stages in the funnel, landing pages, and traffic sources.

What is Funnel Mapping?

Funnel mapping is creating the flow diagram of the sales funnel or visually representing the sales funnel before it gets to develop. The flow diagram will give the exhaustive information on the sales process like stages in the funnel, landing pages, and traffic sources.

There are lots of people who are still not aware of the importance of funnel mapping and this guide will help you to understand and choose the best tool to build your sales funnel.

Why funnel mapping is so important?

  1. You can add or remove components in your sales funnels for the best outcome.
  2. Diagrams are secured.
  3. It is open to sharing your diagrams with your team.
  4. Each and everyone on the team can contribute to development.

Here are the top ten funnel mapping tools you can choose from:

1. Funnelytics 

It is the best preference if you want to map the sales funnels, as it is simple and expeditious. It provides the drag and drop facility by which you can easily design to forecast your sales funnels to get an in-depth analysis of a business.

Why Funnelytics?

1) A segment of free templates for customers to perceive the functions.

2) Pro templates available if you want overall access.

3) Specific icons designed for each method.

4) You can share the funnel with the audience.

5) Funnel customization available. (Map landing pages, sales pages, upsells, emails, and ads)

6) Increase ROI from your funnels

7) Map your funnel with the click of a button. (Drag-n-Drop templates)

8) Easy tools where you can create funnels within minutes

9) Export all your funnel into PNG file so that you can share it with your team members.

Free version: Available


Funnelytics - Funnel Mapping Tool
Photo Credit: Funnelytics

2. MindMeister

This mapping tool is my second preference for funnel mapping. It is an online tool to show your ideas visually and globally via a cloud. This tool is web-based, there is no chance of downloading or uploading.

Why MindMeister?

1) You can share mind maps to work in real-time scenarios.

2) It can be used as a project management tool also.

3) Pre-built templates.

4) From scratch, you can frame your funnel.

5) There is an app called MeisterTask (online task and project management app) which combines with MindMeister. After completing brainstorming & planning part in MindMeister you can easily drag and drop your thoughts or ideas into MeisterTask app. This is really helpful for team members to take actions.

6) You can add images, videos, and notes for better understanding.

7) You can directly import and export into various formats.

8) The entire evolution of the map is auto-saved.

9) In the chat section, team members can easily comment on topics, suggest any ideas or discuss changes.

Free version: Available


Dashboard of Mindmeister Funnel Mapping Tool
Photo Credit: Mindmeister

3. Sketchfunnels:

It is a web-based platform which designs the funnel mapping right away using the pre-defined templates. It has numerous tools to make the sales funnel as fascinating as you like.

Why Sketchfunnels?

1) Drag and drop software for faster design.

2) Brainstorm ideas what you want to build.

3) Peculiar symbols for landing pages, traffic sources, sales pages, order pages, webinar and product launch pages.

4) Can share designs on Sketchfunnels platform.

5) There are more than 130 black and white funnel pieces to map out a layout for your clients.

Free version: 30 Day Free Trial (Credit Card Required)


Dashboard of Sketchfunnels - Funnel Mapping Tool
Photo Credit: Sketchfunnels

4. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is also a web-based platform which offers funnel mapping using conventional labels, lines, shapes. It gives solutions for visual communications. With this tool, you can create professional flowcharts, process maps, and UML models.

Why Lucidchart?

1) It is simple and easy.

2) Secured accounts with passwords.

3) Can import and export documents which can automatically build charts and visuals.

4) Collaboration can be done at any time, on any device.

5) You can layout anything (ideas, information, and processes). This tool helps to make smarter decisions in every area of your business.

6) More than 500 templates.

7) Drag and drop facility to customize your own layouts.

8) Import data from Excel, Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

9) You can combine Lucidchart with platforms such as G Suite, Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft office.

10) There is an option called enterprise which gives you the benefits of support, advanced security protocols, admin interface.

Free version: Available


Lucidchart is also a web-based platform which offers funnel mapping using conventional labels, lines, shapes. It gives solutions for visual communications. With this tool, you can create professional flowcharts, process maps, and UML models.
Photo Credit: Lucidchart

5. Google Drawings

Google drawing is a web-based platform developed for diagramming flowcharts, mind maps, organization charts and other types of diagrams. It is a free tool to draw diagrams.

Why Google Drawings?

1) You can leave comments.

2) You can share your funnel diagrams with the audience.

3) It is used as a project management tool.

4) Can upload your own images.

Free Version: Completely Free


Dashboard of Google Drawing
Photo Credit: Google Drawing

6. Cacoo  

Cacoo is a cloud-based application. It is a tool for every diagram whether it’s a flowchart to wireframes. Here, you can share and edit the same diagram at any time. There are more than 100 templates available for you to create the best sales funnel for your business.

Why Cacoo?

1) You can track changes in your diagram.

2) Work together in real-time, your team can brainstorm, plan, present and gather feedback.

3) Create stunning diagrams easy and fast within minutes.

4) Collaborate with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

5) Can easily import images.

6) Share your projects with your audiences or clients.

7) Share diagrams and folders with a link or email

8) Export as SVG, PDF, and more

9) Embed diagrams in web pages and wikis

10) Present your diagrams as slides in presentation mode

11) Easy to organize

Free Version: 14 Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)


Video Credit: Cacoo

7. AWW App  

Have you tried AWW App before? It’s a web whiteboard simple tool where you can touch, draw and share your diagram.

Why AWW App?

1) Touch-friendly.

2) This tool can be used for everyone( teachers, online tutors, managers, consultants and many more)

3) Easily sign up with Google or Facebook.

4) Collaborate in real-time.

5) Upload images or PDF/PPT files.

6) Can share works with team members.

Free Version: Available


AWWapp- Funnel Mapping Tool

Photo Credit: AWWapp

8. Funnel Flows

Funnel flows are mainly focused on marketing funnels. Funnel flow is really easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert, even a beginner can easily build, manage and present funnels projects.

Why Funnel Flows?

1) Create any type of funnel.

2) More elements are added regularly.

3) Page types for popular marketing funnels:

  • Landing/Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Order Form Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Product Launch Pages
  • Members Area Pages
  • Affiliate Pages
  • Social Media Ads
  • Popups

4) Customize and execute with minimal effort.

5) Funnel Flows templates include:

  •  Lead Capture Funnel
  • Sales Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Launch Funnel
  • High Ticket Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Speaker Funnel
  • Onboarding Funnel
  • Magic Question Funnel
  • Free Product Funnel
  • Retargeting Funnel

Free Version: 14 Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)


Funnel Flows- Funnel Mapping Tool

Video Credit: Funnel Flows

9. Geru  

Geru is a planning profit optimized funnel. Here, you can not only create funnels but also calculate numbers in your funnels. Geru is effective for already established business as well as for someone who is going to start a new online business as you can optimize, analyze and scale the results.

Features of Geru

Why Geru?

1) Can access anytime, anywhere on any of your devices.

2) Create beautiful marketing proposals.

3) It is very productive for marketers and entrepreneurs.

4) Calculate potential revenue, ROI, and other metrics from the funnel you create.

5) Work together with your clients, build for them and show them the potential results.

6) Either create your funnel from scratch or choose more than 30 blueprints available for InfoProducts, eCommerce Products, Agency Services, Lead Generation Campaigns, Book Promotions, and Webinars.

7) Traffic Entry Points- traffic will enter your funnel.

Traffic Entry Points

8) Yes/No Pathways- this will help the audience to take immediate actions.

Yes/No Pathways

9) Sales Pages and Order Forms- this will help to sell your product and services in your funnel.

Sales Pages and Order Forms

10) Upsells & Downsells- this will help to sell more product and services to your customers.

Upsells & Downsells

11) Opt-In Forms- this will help you to start an email follow up process.

Opt-In Forms

12) Email Sequences- After the email follow up process, this step will take you to different landing pages within your funnel.

Email Sequences

13) Wait Timers- If you want to send out an email the next day, this is a great option.

14) FB Messenger Bots- Nowadays, messenger bots is a must in any kind of business.

15) Webinar (Live & Recorded)- You can create any kind of webinar campaigns. You can also check the results.

16) Content Pages- Sending customers to different types of content such as blog post, checklist, video, ebooks, etc. There is an option of a call-to-action button.

17) SMS & Phone Activity- You can make incoming or outgoing messages or phone calls for any funnels to create.

18) Pathway Indicators- The red line which you see in the image below tells you that when the traffic is not coming in that particular project it also says that there is some kind of problem in your funnel and you need to fix that problem.

19) Merchant Account Settings- You can set your own merchant fee. The rates will be calculated whenever there is product sales inside your funnel.

20) Supports 27 Currencies- This is a great option in Geru. The currency is set automatically in USD but you can set your own currencies for each project.

Free Version: 30 Day Free Trial


Photo Credit: Geru

10. Creately 

You can easily create diagrams, maps, and flowcharts with your team or you can use it for your clients. Brainstorm, analyze, plan and reach your goals faster.

Why Creately?

1) Drag and drop facility.

2) Professionally designed shapes.

3) Drawing tools with control.

4) Stunning themes for your project.

5) Collaboration for teams and clients.

6) 1000’s of templates and shapes.

7) Export and share your project in many different formats.

Export in different formats

Free Version: Available


Geru- Funnel Mapping ToolPhoto Credit: Creately


These are the ten best tools for funnel mapping you can use to map out your funnels. According to our research and studies, GERU is the best tool if you’re looking for all in one package.

If you have any questions or douts please feel free to comment below and we will help you at the earliest. Please let us know if you have used any of the other funnel tools and which is the best one for your business.

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