6 Best & Popular Live-chat Tools

You are in the world of technology where everyone is addicted to the internet. Everyone needs to do their work in a faster and easier way because it is the generation where no one looks for the long & lengthy process to get their response. Here comes LiveChat into the scenario.

If you are a techie or internet savvy, you will have an idea about LiveChat. If you don’t have any idea then you can learn here.

What is LiveChat?


In simple words, LiveChat is a tool used for real-time conversation with visitors who come to a website.

LiveChat is an instant messenger for a website and a new approach to interact with the visitors. You are wondering how it will look, below is an example of Livechat image.

It supports the audience who are in need in real-time with faster and accurate responses and helps to know the customer better with the chat.

The LiveChat is helpful for both customers they are prospective and current customers. There is a misconception about the LiveChat in people and business professionals also that it is only for big companies it’s not true, the reality is we can use this tool for starting from small-scale to large-scale business. It will help in taking the right choice at the right time.


Let us take a simple which only runs in a city for that also you can add LiveChat for better customer experience.

You may think why we should go for LiveChat after having email and contact number to contact them. Yes, you are right we have those modes of contact, but how many will contact through email and contact number? Very few people will go for them because no one is ready for long processing methods or time taking process; they both are time taking and the long process by which customer will lose interest in your website.

To get in brief why LiveChat let us discuss a scenario; 

Let us take you are going through a website and you got some doubt regarding a product or service on how to use it?  You want someone to assist you for that instance for solving your problem. You have various methods to contact the website for your answers like email and contact number. With the both, we can’t get instant replay which makes us think what to do. There are two possibilities here one is customer may contact through any of two contact methods, or they will opt for the other site which is offering the same product/service.

With this tool, we can increase our sales and can generate leads from the chat. There is another advantage with this tool is we can directly contact the customers by which we can improve our business according to client requirements.

It will give good business in return with zero investment in marketing. It increases the relationship between the customer and business by which the customer becomes our lifelong customer.


Without any advantage, we will not use any tool or software. There are some advantages of LiveChat. They are;

Revenue growth:

The LiveChat will help to increase the revenue of the site. If your website has a LiveChat tool, then a customer who visits your site will look for instant replay for solving their issues related to service or product. It will build the relationship between customer and site, which make the customer stay for a long time on a website.

Easy customer service:

The chat is available 24*7 for customers by which they can easily access the customer care services to solve their issues without any disturbance. If your site provides best customer service, it can fetch organic traffic from various sources like social media and Google.

Easy customer feedback:

Feedback is the most important for any business it may be service or product based. Feedback helps the site to improve their business with zero cost. It will help the site to develop in various segments for a better experience for the new customers/visitors of the website.

Every chat will give some feedback after every conversation with the customer, which will make us serve better.

Best 6 free LiveChat tools for websites:

We have many LiveChat tools for the website which throws you into confusion before you complete reading this article you will get a conclusion about the top 8 LiveChat tools.

1) Tawk:

Our first choice is the LiveChat tool for your website which started in the year 2011. Currently, it is serving 1,000,000 Agents all over the world, initially started with1000. It will provide the features which we can get in premium membership sites. To install Tawk Livechat tool you need to signup if you are new customers, otherwise, you can directly login.

It is a free messaging application which is secured and easy to set up. There are key features with this tool;

i) Easy setup: We can set up the Livechat application within a minute using Tawk. There are some Plugins which can directly add to the website, or we can copy-paste Javascript to the HTML of your website by which automatically gives you LiveChat widget.

ii) Track progress: It will help to track the progress of your Chat with the use of analytics for the betterment of the website.

iii) Customize your page: It provides you the opportunity to design your own chat tool as per your business requirements.

iv)Mobile friendly application: Some LiveChat tools will not mobile friendly by this we can chat with the customers even when we are not in the office. It will give the same feeling as we are using in the desktop.

v) Multilanguage’s: This tool will available in 29 official languages all over the world.

Pricing: Free for a lifetime.


2) Tidio:

Now we are looking out in another free Livechat tool.

It is all in one LiveChat application for your business. It is a free tool for LiveChat with instant replays without any delay.

We provide the tool based on the platform which we are using for our website design, can connect various social media applications using Tidio.

If you want to use the tool for business, initially you need to log in if you are existing customer otherwise need signup using a signup button. This tool will automatically replay to the customers when we are offline or unavailable.


Unlimited channels: If you install Tidio, we can various social media channels to it like messenger, email and livechat.

Unlimited operators: A free account will give access to only 3 operators which is helpful for small companies. If you choose a premium account, LiveChat can operate by as many people as you wish based on your company requirements.

  • Multi-languages
  • Analytics
  • Visitor list
  • Widget customization
  • Third party application integrations.

Pricing: Free & Premium plans.


3. ZenDesk:

It is another LiveChat tool for free, used for developing the customer relationship which improves the interaction between customer and agent (website operator).

If you want to contact you use email, messenger, and social media but ZenDesk will integrate all these widgets on a platform. The tool is used by more than 100 countries.


  • Tracking of Livechat for analyzing.
  • Real-time monitor.
  • Pre-chat & offline forms.
  • File transformation.
  • Triggers


Lite: operated by one user- Free for lifetime.

Basic: $14/agent/month

Advanced: 25/agent/month

Premium: $55/agent/month


4. UserLike:

It is our next free LiveChat tool, the majority of the European Union this tool because it is German-based. Worldwide this tool is trusted by more than 1000 companies. It created all in one platform for various chat tools like messenger and social media.

It is used to develop and customize according to our business requirements. It provides free chat tool for a lifetime for the single user. You just need to sign up to use a free trial of 14days after that it will automatically convert into free.


  • Can install in Five minutes.
  • Custom design of your LiveChat tool.
  • Can organize based on departments.
  • Can design your own chat-based on the requirement.
  • Mobile-Friendly.
  • Tracking of metrics and analyzing.
  • 14 Days free trial.


Free: For lifetime/one operator/unlimited chat

Team: €29/Month/3 operators

Corporate: €99/Month/5 operators

Business: €299/Month/10 operators


5. PureChat:

Another free LiveChat tool we use for our websites. The tool best fits for high traffic websites like e-commerce. It provides free chat tool for an unlimited time with permission to 3operators. This tool is mobile-friendly which can run on both IOS and Android platforms.\

If you want an in-depth analysis of real-time users, you can go PRO. If you have PRO, then you can increase your sales.



The Below image will give you clear idea on pricing of PureChat.


6. Olark:

It is another free LiveChat tool for sales and customer support. It makes sure that every conversation we do can convert to sales. This tool will help you to connect with your customer whenever you need, what every place may be.

It has helped more than 12000 customers up to now since its starting and running around 178 countries all over the world. This LiveChat tool will send and receive more than 1 million messages a day.


  • Simple customization.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Unlimited chats.
  • Automated messages.
  • Integration of tools.
  • 24*7 online support.
  • Team management tool.
  • Transcripts.


Free: Basic functions/20 chats per month.

You can trail the tool for 2 weeks before you purchase.



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